What can we offer?

We approach our work professionally, with maximum dedication, and believe in the power of simple and easy communication with clients

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Excellent coordination, teamwork, and conscientious in the installation of HVAC systems, have laid foundation of our company


Our engineers can offer you the best possible solutions when designing installations for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation

Ecological standard

We respect ecological standards - Let's preserve our environment

Experienced installers

Years of hard work have brought our installers invaluable experience

Servicing and overhaul

High-quality work organization enables us to quickly and efficiently carry out interventions on existing installations


Through responsible business practices, we strive to establish long-term cooperation with anyone in need of our services

About Us

      " Our company was built on the idea of responsible business practices. We accepted jobs that we could perform with quality and over time we expanded our company by attracting people who shared the same business ethics. Since year 2000, we have gained enough experience to confidently say that we are capable of offering the best service in the HVAC industry for scope of work that does not exceed our capabilities. "

Founder and CEO
Vukosav Gojak


Customer support

We will respond to your call whenever
you need us

Right on time

We finish our jobs within scheduled time

Maximal effort

The quality of our business is a product of the knowledge and maximum dedication
of our employees

Professional approach

We operate with intention to make everyone satisfied upon the completion of a project

Client comes first


Car dealership "Kompresor" - Belgrade

"Microsoft" - Belgrade

“Asseco” - Beograd

Commercial district
"Blok 24" - Belgrade

Apartment district
"Golf" - Belgrade

"DeFacto" - Belgrade

"NewYorker" - Belgrade

"Nestle" - Belgrade

“Levi 9” - Belgrade

“Student’s Center” - Belgrade

“Rad Komerc” - Belgrade

BIM Design

Museum "Grand Palais"
- Paris

Museum "Grand Palais"
- Paris

Museum "Grand Palais"
- Paris

Museum "Grand Palais"
- Paris

Hospital "Saclay"
- Paris

Hospital "Saclay"
- Paris

Always at your service

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Contact BOX

VP of Design

Slobodan Cicmil


+381 60 01003 52




Tosin bunar
11070 Belgrade

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